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Renata Verejanu, the authority of European lyric

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Opere alese, Renata Verejanu

Renata Verejanu,
the authority of European lyric

In order to speak in details about her vast activity of writer, journalist, editor and fighter for national renaissance I would need tens of written pages and it still wouldn’t summarize the whole creative domain of the protagonist of the Year of Renata Verejanu; a woman of culture with an extraordinary and interesting biography, who amazed all my colleagues by her destiny that she created through hard work, every day. A few years back I spoke at a radio station that the best Ministry of Culture would be poetess Renata Verejanu. A while later we met and she did not like what I said, and she was right: God has created her as a poetess, gave her so many talents, how could I say that it is more important to be a public official? Especially in the transition period… We have enough bureaucrats but unfortunately, few personalities with dignity…
She always fought a hard fight with the system and its slaves, after founding „Grai Matern” literary circle (1988) and publishing of 5 manuscripts (delayed for over a decade) in the anthology Offering to humanity (1989), Renata Verejanu becomes uncomfortable in the whole sense of the word and her editorial activity is blocked more harsh even comparing with how it was after her first poetry book debut „Until love” (1979). But, as everything in the world is passing, the diabolical dictatorial regime crashed and the system lost its orientation.
Renata Verejanu, as a sleeping volcano who was passive for years, begins to use her creative potential in an unordinary ascension, publishing book after book from many collected manuscripts, founding magazines and NGOs, implementing successfully hundreds of projects at local, national and international levels for children and youth. About the personality of the writer and woman of culture Renata Verejanu it is spoken with love and interest at various congresses, conferences, seminars and trainings, local and international. The name of Renata Verejanu becomes known and requested at the meetings of Council of Europe (Strasbourg) and UNESCO (Paris).
Renata Verejanu has founded and is publishing for over a quarter of a century the magazine „Micul Prinț” and the newspaper „Copiii Europei”, the only cross border publications of Romanian culture for children and youth. The International Festival Contest of the World Talents „Micul Prinț” has a great popularity (launching since 1993tens of thousands of young talents from all continents)and open lessons „EU AM DREPTUL”, unique all over Europe, where hundreds of children recite the poetess’ poems in front of an audience of thousands.
Symposiums and cultural and literary festivals are being organized in her honor, and the Institute of Philology of the Academy of Sciences from Moldova organized in 2012 the scientific conference „Poetess Renata Verejanu, promoter of national values in culture and educational process of young generation”.
The vast activity of the writer and woman of culture Renata Verejanu it is found largely in the Bio-bibliography „Poet of the flaming metaphor – Renata Verejanu », published by Municipal Library B.P.Haşdeu.
Recognizing her merits in the prodigious activity of woman of the writing and Romanian culture, the European Academy of Civil Society, in partnership with Institute of Philology of Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the National Association of Creative People of Moldova have launched the International Poetry Festival – Renata Verejanu (2014), an innovative cultural event which shortly became a tradition and takes place successfully from 1 March to 1 September every year and which has included all the area of Romanian language, bringing together at local phases in libraries, higher education institutions hundreds and thousands of people, by cultivating what is beautiful in this world: Poetry!
Today Renata Verejanu has in her collection of books over 50 titles: Until love (1979), Amended comma (1980), Dear people (1980), Path towards truth (1980), Salesman of ages (2006), Destiny’s sigil (2006), to Work, to Love, to Live (2006), This time of love, Right of mother, Provoke me…to become a genius, The immortality’s metaphor, Opinions about a miserable century and its politicians, Love sees all, Renata Verejanu advocacies, In the world of Renata Verejanu, Proverbs and sayings, In the world of Renata Verejanu, Interviews, as well as prose and poems for children, three anthologies of poems (Offering to humanity (1989), I knew how to make a holiday out of my life (2012) and Poet between the Millenniums (2016), each book between 440 and 600 pages, and COLLECTED WORKS, presented, appreciated and awarded at International Book Fairs, tens of references of national and international appreciation for her prodigious activity.
About Renata Verejanu great personalities of Romanian culture wrote nice words: Mihai Cimpoi, Eugen Doga, Ion Druță, Laurențiu Ulici, Vasile Tărâțeanu, Ioan Barbu, Vasile Bahnaru, Dumitru Matcovschi, Tudor Palladi, Melania Cuc, Victoria Milescu, Ovidiu Bufnilă, Ion Ciocanu, Petre Rău, Galina Furdui, Claudia Partole, Nicolae Dabija, Aliona Grati, Maria Tonu, Natalia Croitoru, Lidia Grosu, Veronica Popa, Elena Dabija etc. The titans of Russian poetry Andrei Voznesenschi and Evghenii Evtușenco have selected emotional words about her lyric verse, people that she met and got friendly at Moscow, during her studying years at the „Maxim Gorki” Institute of Literature, where she went after graduating the Faculty of Economical Engineering of Polytechnik Institute of Chișinău, (today, the Academy of Economical Studies and Technical University of Moldova). There, the most prestigious newspapers and magazines,„Literaturnaia Gazeta” (Литературная газета), „Komsomoliskaia Pravda” (Комсомольскaя Правда), Smena etc., requested interviews and poems of the young poetess from Chişinău. More than that, the publishing house Molodaia Gvardia from Moscow published her poems book Do liubvi (Until love), which brought to the author Renata Verejanu International Literary Award „Maxim Gorki”.
Now, in this anniversary year, the Poetess has joy from creation sessions, books with prose, poetry, essays, chronicles, opinions, advocacies, portraits, interviews and sayings, published and translated in different languages and many echoes of international resonance and appreciations… At 16 January 2017, at the launch of first novel from the trilogy Invisible Genius, the Academic Center Eminescu, by its director, Elena Dabija, has launched the Year Renata Verejanu… An anniversary year full of meetings, book launches, publications, symposiums, festivals… But, few people know the effort the poetess makes in achieving all of this, her, Renata Verejanu, Merited Woman of Republic of Moldova, which has membership with Writers Union from Moldova since 1990. Someone wrote about her, „a great poet, but so down to earth”. Yes, we say, who know her works and activity of this Offering to Humanity : a great poet and an authority of feminine lyric.

Ion Cuzuioc, medic and writer,
Member of Writers Union from Moldova

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