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aprilie 2017, Chişinău

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Cenaclul Grai Matern, Renata Verejanu

Cenaclul Grai Matern, Mihai Cimpoi

Otilia Ţigănaş, Renata Verejanu

Daniel Verejanu, Cenaclul Grai Matern

Martie 2017, Biblioteca « Transilvania »

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Renata Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi

Daniel Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi

Mihai Cimpoi, Renata Verejanu

Daniel Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi

Întâlnirile literare unice,
organizate de Cenaclul Grai Matern
şi poeta Renata Verejanu, liderul OMCT

Activitatea poetului lider Renata Verejanu

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Activitatea poetului lider Renata Verejanu dans Renata Verejanu 9

85 Anul Renata Verejanu dans Renata Verejanu









1 Consiliul Europei

2 Mihai Cimpoi





februarie 2017, Liceul Petru Zadnipru, Chişinău, Moldova…
Anul Renata Verejanu cutreeră republica…


Anul 2017 – Anul Renata Verejanu

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Anul 2017 - Anul Renata Verejanu dans Renata Verejanu 15726897_398102127202907_8562862588468303016_n

16118497_1224317524322347_55569892_n Anul Renata Verejanu dans Renata Verejanu





















Revista MICUL PRINŢ, 2013
















Anul acesta Revista « Micul Prinţ » 

sărbătoreşte 25 de ani 

de la fondarea sa… 

Cei care nu au 

Revista « Micul Prinţ » 

în casă, citiţi online, 



Revista MICUL PRINŢ, 2015

 Un foto-reportaj de la lansarea 


lansarea romanului Geniul Invizibil…


Chişinău, Moldova,

Ianuarie 2017

Reporter MP

Ora Consiliului Europei

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Nu-mi imaginez ce ar fi fost cu Moldova
de nu exista Consiliul Europei,
şi Secretarul General nu i-ar fi cerut
să nu încalce Drepturile Omului,
să întoarcă Miliardul
după Jaful Secolului…

Ci Renata Verejanu, liderul OMCT/WOTC
desfăşoară Proiectul « Alternativa Societăţii »
şi ţine Lecţiile Deschise:EU AM DREPTUL…

Daniel Verejanu

Daniel Verejanu

Renata Verejanu

Daniel Verejanu

Testament, by Daniel Ionita

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Testament, Daniel Ionita, Renata Verejanu, Mihai CimpoiTestament – Anthology of Romanian Verse Kindle Edition
by Daniel Ionita (Author)

Testament-Anthology of Romanian Verse is the first comprehensive, and coherent collection Romanian poems in English, representing 160 years of poetry (from 1850 to the present day), covering over 120 poets and 150 poems. The anthology presents the poets in chronological order starting with Vasile Alecsandri, followed by Mihai Eminescu – Romania’s national poet – and the group of poets considered “the classics”: Alexadru Macedonski, Ion Minulescu, George Cosbuc, Octavian Goga, Tudor Arghezi, Vasile Voiculescu, Lucian Blaga, Magda Isanos, George Bacovia, Zorica Latcu, Ion Barbu, Nicolae Labis, Ion Vinea, Ion Pillat. The 1960ies generation is represented through Nichita Stanescu, Ana Blandiana, Adrian Paunescu, Radu Gyr, Marin Sorescu, Ion Caraion, Gellu Naum. This is followed by poets consectrated in the decades of 1970-1980, for example Nora Iuga Leonid Dimov, Romulus Vulpescu, Virgil Mazilescu, Cezar Ivanescu, Mircea Dinescu, Ileana Malancioiu, Irina Mavrodin, George Tarnea, Petre Stoica, Dan Verona, Constanta Buzea, Daniela Crasnaru. In covering contemporary poets, Testament include poets such as Adrian Popescu, Ioan Es Pop, Mircea Cartarescu, Daniel Banulescu, Lucian Vasilescu, Angela Marinescu, Marta Petreu, Horia Badescu, Florin Iaru, Cristian Popescu, Ion Stratan, Aurel Rau, Emil Brumaru, Mihaela Malea Stroe.

Romanian language poets from the Republic of Moldova have not been forgotten, and the anthology includes most of the important ones: Grigore Vieru, Leonida Lari, Arcadie Suceveanu, Renata Verejanu, Arhip Cibotaru, Leo Butnaru, Nicolae Dabija, Dumitru Baluta, among others.

The editor did not shy away from also selecting some younger emerging poets – for example Monica Manolachi, Andrei Paunescu, Mircea Dan Cipariu Erika Kantor or Laurentiu-Ciprian Tudor. This American edition also pays tribute to representative important Romanian poets who have, over the years, settled on the North American continent: Nina Cassian, Liliana Sarbu, Dumitru Ichim, Adrian Sangeorzan, Carmen Firan and Nuta Istrate-Gangan. Author and editor Daniel Ionita, who is also the principal translator, is himself an established poet having published works in both English and Romanian – Hanging Between the Stars (Minerva),ContraDiction (Pimm), The Island of Words from Home (Minerva). For this present volume he has been assisted by linguists and literary specialists Eva Foster (Oxford Falls College – Australia), Associate Professor Daniel Reynaud (Avondale College or Tertiary Studies – Australia) and Rochelle Bews (Deakin University – Australia). Daniel has been living in Australia and New Zealand since 1980, and teaches Organisational Improvement through the Business Practice Unit of the University of Technology Sydney. While based on Daniel Ionita’s earlier work, Testament – Anthology of Modern Romanian Verse (bilingual version English/Romanian), now at its second edition, published by Minerva Publishing House in Bucharest, Romanian in 2015 – this volume is a greatly expanded version. The earlier editions of Testament published in Romania, have enjoyed great critical acclaim, being highlighted by important literary critics in Romania, such as Alex.Stefanescu and Radu Voinescu – in the most important critical literature magazines such as Literary Romania (Romania Literara) and The Morning Star (Luceafarul de Dimineata). Commercial success, usually unexpected for poetry these days, also followed, with the first edition beying sold out – and hence the need for a second edition. The book launches (in Sydney, Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj) for these eariler editions have morphed into true literary-musical events, with artists such as Ion Caramitru, Manuela Harabor, Clara Voda, Ada Condeescu, Nicu Alifantis, Andrei Paunescu, Catalin Condurache, Sandy Deac and Adrian Ivanitchi performing works from the volume.

”Renata Verejanu – Poet between the Millennia”

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Renata Verejanu

The attitude of the totalitarian regime and sycophants was awful towards Poetess Renata Verejanu; but on the other side, God supported her so beautiful, offering the nicest events, placing her first of all: from”Grai Matern” literary circle, to International Poetry Festival – Renata Verejanu.

After 17 years of intimidation, period when she didn’t publish any books, poetess Renata Verejanu comes with a ”book rain” (M.Cimpoi) of over 50 titles of books with poems, prose, opinions, portraits, advocacies, proverbs and sayings, interviews… in Romanian, Russian and English, occupying so natural a place in literary hierarchy, a place that she deserved not since 2009, but since early 1980, when she brought to the publishing house (the only, that belonged to the state) 5 manuscripts of poems and     5 of prose, the poetry ones being published only in 1989 in the author anthology Offering to humanity, with Cyrillic characters.

The scientific conference ”Poetess Renata Verejanu promoter of national values in the culture and educational process of the young generation”, which took place at Philology Institute of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, a very succesful event. The conference materials served as source for publishing the volume ”The invisible genius of poetry from Basarabia” (204 pages). A true surprise is the most original bio bibliography ”The poet of flaming metaphor – Renata Verejanu” published by Metropolitan Bibliotheque B.P.Hașdeu,  –  events which conclude a tragic and yet beautiful phase of poetess’ literary career. In the same time the anthology Offering to humanity passes with dignity the border of Republic of Moldova and is published in its natural form at Tipo Moldova Publishing House, from Iași, in the prestigious collection Opera Omnia.

The second phase of the poetess’ literary career begins with launch by European Academy of Civil Society, in collaboration with Philology Institute of Academy of Sciences of Moldova and National Association of Creation People of Moldova, the International Poetry Festival – Renata Verejanu, which takes place every year since 2014, between  1 March and 1 September. The awarding ceremony from September 1st it’s a beautiful continuity of the holiday ”Our Romanian Language”, in which the poetess was in the initiative team during obtaining national independence, on the frontline with Grai Matern literary circle. It is interesting that the range of events is concluded with World Congress of people studying Eminescu, a project that belongs to academician Mihai Cimpoi.

In 2nd day of the International Poetry Festival, each year is developed a symposium dedicated to the creation of poetess Renata Verejanu:

2014 Symposium ”Renata Verejanu – poetess of European importance”,

2915Symposium ”Poet of the flaming metaphor – Renata Verejanu”,

2016 Symposium ”Renata Verejanu – Poet between the Millennia”

Promotion of personalities of Chisinau, meeting with full halls in high schools, universities, public libraries, or the local, regional, municipal phases where the protagonist of this unique in Romanian space festival is invited – all of this are true celebrations of Poetry and Romanian Language.

The first author which can be proud because of 3 superb anthologies: Offering to humanity, I knew how to make a holiday out of my life, Poet between the Millennia (600 pages in A4 format), with an international poetry festival which carries her name, unique in all Romanian area by its local and municipal phases etc., with scientific conferences and symposiums where the poetess works are discusses and finally, with first 6 volumes of SELECTED WORKS.



August and us


Happy in august I was captured

I was so deep in a book’s midst;

Waiting for friends to come and lecture

Or to be ripped by them in bits.


I chose a page, right then and there

A newer metaphor I opt –

Will I be recognized then anywhere,

Due to the sorrow of the verse I adopt?


And happy on this earth I linger

As though in full I have defeated

Like in a house right now I enter

Which knows so carefree how to weep…

              tr. Dumitru Marius Gabriel



Flowers, hope and luck


All my facts taken together

And those four strange seasons:

My fate dispelling – into fireplace a flame

Or in front of the house a handful of salt –

I am dressing the light of may, to please you

And when salt estinguish in despair:

The sun in my agony is not a lake

But your tear lying on my face.

I won’t become a beast, neither a bee…

What time is it? Is it the time of the victory? Silence…

I don’t fit into the clothes of time and time is not my owner,

Strange sliding on your chest..Pleasure?

Who does enjoy stealthily his own luck?

Solemn watch, you wear a foreign uniform…


The flowers of my town are not enough

Hope is not a pint of beer, it’s not even ending

tr. Ana Maria Gîbu





My words

My words, my lengthy punishments

See, mold fortify in a hurry

Reading the intimate secret of my confused eyes

Just do not find a blind society.

Nothing wiser than to return in the coffin

And one to pull the lid tightly.

On your own bones – bitter poems I’ll write,

Outlining my prophetic thought.

Great big metaphor I do not guarded.

Who wants to transform his brain

Into the crowns of laurel, gentle and arched  -

With mine ?!

I admire my enemies when they kill me finely …

And quietly open nuts between their teeth.

On the burning pyre I will fully burn

How their flesh didn’t burn in sufferings.

tr.Mihaela Carpov


Renata Verejanu

Renata Verejanu

Renata Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi


Proiectul « Alternativa Societăţii » la 10 ani…

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care se implementează din 2006 de către

Academia Europeană a Societăţii Civile

(proiect al poetei Renata Verejanu)

a coincis cu Ziua de naştere a poetei luptătoare…

şi cu şirul de evenimente cultural-educaţionale

de excepţie…



14885970_577947742388377_790731565_n Moldova dans Renata Verejanu


14874844_577947735721711_1867300125_n Renata Verejanu





De ce aceşti copii frumoşi şi talentaţi au ţinut să pozeze

cu poeta Renata Verejanu?…


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Renata Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi, Moldova

Verejeni, Ocniţa, Moldova

Renata Verejanu

Lideri ai promovării democraţiei

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renata verejanu

Festival de poezie

Renata Verejanu


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